Meso-Sculpt C71 treatment redefines facial contours through localized lipolysis injections on cheeks, along jawline and throughout the naso-labial region. Developed by Dr. Tester and her research partner, Michael Kane, M.D., an acclaimed Manhattan board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Meso-Sculpt C71 dissolves the localized buildup of unwanted facial fat deposits that rob the face of its well-defined look and youthful contours.

Manufacturer: ABG LAB (USA)

Ingredients: Lipo Block XP2 ™, Hexapeptide-17 ™, DRMC ™ complex (hyaluronic acid, nucleosides, minerals amino acids and vitamins) 

Packaging: supplied in a glass syringe, the volume of 1 ml of the drug (needle not included, sold separately, the needle 33G, 0,20x4mm)

Recommended for face and body