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Each vial contains

Botulinum toxin type A ..................................100 IU


1. Position for injection

1) For blepharospasm:the injection should be taken intramuscularly at several points of upper and lower lids, i.e.,taking 4 to 5 points of injection into medial and lateral part of orbicularis oculi or temporal lateral canthus.

2) For hemifacial spasm:besides the points mentioned above,three other points on middle,lower face and cheek should be given intramuscularly.Botulinum may be given at the points of two sides of eyebrow,upper lip or the lower jaw according to the diseases.

3) For strabismus:the Botulinum is injected using a coaxial electrode needle with electromyographic guidance or amplifier under topical anesthesia of 0.5% Decarine.The injections into extraocular muscles are selected according to the type and position of strabismus.

2. Dosage

1) For blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm:the injection could be given following above instructions.The initial dose of each point is 2.5 U/ 0.05ml or 2.5 U / 0.1 ml. If the initial treatment is considered insufficient one week later,a supplementary injection may be given.

Double dose of 5 U / 0.1 ml could be given to recrudescent patients. But the limitation of total dose of 55 U for one injection and 200 U for one month should not be exceeded.

2) For strabismus:for vertical and horizontal muscle strabismus of less than 20 prism diopters,the initial dose into each muscle is 1.25-2.5 U;for horizontal strabismus of 20-40 prism diopters,the initial dose into each muscle is 2.5 U;for horizontal strabismus of 40-50 prism diopters,the initial dose into each muscle is 2.5 U and can be increased (to 5.0 each time) depending on the response;for persistent VI cranial nerve paralysis lasted for more than one month,1.25-2.5 U dose could be injected into medial rectus.

The injecting volume into each muscle should not exceed 0.1 ml.


Store at a temperature of 2 to 8. Do not use after the expiry date.