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Meso Eye C71 (Meso Eye C71) is a unique development of the biotechnology company ABG LAB LLC (USA), which is able to solve almost all problems and solve non-aesthetic effects in the eye area in just a few procedures.

The injection preparation has the form of a gel containing in the composition hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, oligopeptides and the like. These natural active substances, creating a super effective cocktail, eliminate many disadvantages and problems of the periorbital zone.

The use of the drug is shown with such aesthetic shortcomings of the skin around the eyes: a network of wrinkles, "bags", "dark circles", "crow's feet", swelling, overhanging of the brow, the formation of various folds and creases.

These problems usually arise as a result of age-related changes, when there is a worsening of the vessels, slowing lymph drainage of skin tissues, reducing the elasticity and thinning of the skin of the eyelids, etc.

Cosmetologists widely apply the procedure of mesotherapy with the use of Mesoey C71 (Mesoeye C71), and with it solve many problems of the skin around the eyes. The use of injections with the Mesoey C71 vasomodifier (MesoEye C71) is popular with both women and men, and the range of problem solving is extremely wide:


elimination of puffiness in the periorbital area;

activation of lymphatic drainage (improvement in skin tone, a significant decrease in the intensity of the color of dark circles under the eyelids);

improvement of elasticity and elasticity of the skin around the eyes;

elimination of dryness and flaking of the skin;

supportive therapy after blepharoplasty;

elimination of impending eyelids;

Correction of wrinkled mesh and smoothing of the skin relief.



Composition: Meso Eye C71 (Meso Eye C71) is a sterile viscoelastic gel, an apyrogenic action with an atraumatic lipomodifying effect. The amount of the drug is 1 ml = 20 ED, in 1 ED = 0.05 ml.

Complete set: glass graduated syringe with luerovsky tip, with preparation Meso Eye C71 in the amount of 1 ml, needles are not included, instruction, set of stickers.


The effectiveness of Meso Ai C71 (Meso Eye C71) is explained by the presence of unique innovative active substances:

Periorbital Peptide ХР2 - activating the supply of skin fibers, strengthening the tone of the vessels;

Hexapeptide-17 - has a pronounced lymphatic drainage effect;

DRMC complex - revitalization and lifting effect.


During injections with MesoEye C71, there is a complex multifunctional action regulating metabolic processes at the level of tissues and skin cells.

Procedure of application of the preparation:


The procedure using Meso Eye C71 (Meso Eye C71) is allowed only by a qualified cosmetologist who has been trained and has the appropriate certificates, diplomas, professional experience and positive feedback.

It is necessary to have a preliminary consultation with a cosmetologist, during which the zone and area of administration of the Meso Eye C71 preparation (Meso Eye C71) is determined, and it also turns out whether there are contraindications and limitations to the procedure.

There is a standard procedure for contouring with Meso Eye C71 (Meso Eye C71):

Packaging of the drug must be intact and intact, which will ensure sterility and high effect of the procedure;

It is necessary to check the expiration dates of the preparation, and to exclude the use of an overdue product;

Meso Eye C71 (Meso Eye C71) is stored at a certain temperature, from 2 to 25C (as a rule, cosmetologists store it in the refrigerator and preheat it to room temperature before injections);

If the patient has a low threshold for pain sensitivity, an anesthetic preparation is locally applied 30 minutes before intradermal injection;

The introduction of the drug under the skin is carried out in biologically active points, previously marked by a cosmetologist, using the mesotherapy technique;

At the discretion of the cosmetologist, numerous microinjections or single injections of the entire volume of the drug can be performed in the area of the eye around the eye;

After the vasomodulation procedure, a brief slight redness in the area of injections is possible;

The use of decorative cosmetics is possible in a day, while a sauna and a solarium are possible only in a week.

The intensity of the course depends on the state of the area around the eyes, the degree of wrinkles, bags and dark circles under the eyes, and on average consists of up to 6 procedures with an interval of several days;


A sticker with information about the preparation, its volume and the date of injection is pasted into the patient's card.