Restylane Lidocaine LYFT 


Restylane Lidocaine LYFT 1x1ml


Lyft Restylane - is a filler that acts by increasing the volume of tissue, resulting in the restoration of the contours of the face or mouth enhancement to the desired degree of correction. Transmission volume and the operation of lifting the result from the ability of stabilized hyaluronic acid for binding water. The effect lasts for up to 18 months.

The product is intended to fill facial tissues. It is recommended to use the preparation for shaping facial contours, correcting nasolabial furrows and modeling mouth. It should be injected into the deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue surface layer, as well as in paragraph submucosal layer. In the face areas with poor coverage and filling soft tissues eg in the area okołooczołodołowej injection is recommended in the subcutaneous adipose tissue or administration nadokostnowe. The addition of lidocaine formulation relieves pain during the procedure. The preparation should be administered only by authorized personnel in accordance with local regulations.

Prep Arat Restylane is a sterile, clear, biodegradable gel containing stabilized hyaluronic acid non-animal containing 0.3% of lidocaine hydrochloride. The preparation is supplied in a glass syringe. Contents of the syringe has been sterilized with hot steam. The product is intended for single use only. In order to identify the product used in the patient must be accompanied by an identification label, which is part of the label of the syringe


Restylane is dedicated to treatments in the following surroundings:

+ Temple,

+ Valley tears,

+ Zygoma. 

+ Nasolabial folds,

+ Marionette lines,

+ Nose.

+ mandible


  • Stabilized hyaluronic acid 20mg / ml
  • Lidocaine hydrochloride 3 mg / ml
  • Phosphate buffered saline qs


  • not be used in patients with known hypersensitivity to lidocaine or other local anesthetics amide.
  • not injected intramuscularly or intravenously.
  • not used in patients with bleeding disorders or taking anticoagulants or thrombolytic agents.
  • product should not be re-sterilized.
  • Do not mix with other products before serving.
  • Particular attention on the use of hyaluronic acid Restylane Lyft Lidocaine:

    • too shallow injection of the product may result in the appearance of the surgical site visible lumps and discoloration (Tyndall effect).
    • patients should avoid strong sunlight and very low temperatures until resolution redness and swelling after surgery.
    • product has not been tested for its use in pregnant or breastfeeding women and children.
    • after injection may be some reactions associated with injection, such as bruising, erythema, itching, swelling, pain, tenderness at the location of hyaluronic acid. These symptoms usually disappear spontaneously within a few days after surgery.