Product Name: SCULPTRA®.
Active Composition: Poly-L-Lactic Acid (150 mg); Sodium carboxymethyl-cellulose (90 mg); Non-pyrogenic mannitol (127,5 mg). 
Volume & Packaging: Two vials 
Manufacturer: Sanofi-aventis S.p.A.
Origin: Europe.
Accessory: Package Insert only. It is recommended to use a 26G needle (obtained separately) for injection.
Storage Conditions: Store up to 30℃. Upon reconstitution, it can be stored up to 72 hours at refrigeration (2-8℃) or room temperature up to 30℃. Do not freeze. 
Note: Sterile packaging.


SCULPTRA® is a poly-L-lactic acid implant in the form of a sterile non-pyrogenic suspension, which is reconstituted from a sterile dry powder by the addition of sterile water for injection (Ph.Eur.). This suspension contains microparticles of poly-L-lactic acid, the crystalline form of polulactic acid,. Poly-L-lactic acid is a biocompatible, biodegradable, synthetic polymer from the alpha-hydroxy-acid family. SCULPTRA® is suitable for increasing the volume of depressed areas, particularly to correct skin depressions, such as skin creases, wrinkles, folds, scars, and for skin aging. SCULPTRA® is also suitable for large volume corrections of the signs of facial fat loss (lipoatrophy). The depth of injection and quantity of SCULPTRA® used depend on the area to be treated and the result expected. In general, SCULPTRA® is injected into the deep dermis or subcutaneous layer with a 26G needle. A more detailed instruction on how to reconstitute the product is included in the package insert. SCULPTRA® should only be used by health care providers with expertise in the correction of volume defects after fully familiarizing themselves with the product, the product education materials and its complete instruction leaflet.


Buy Sculptra Online

We offer a way for our clients to buy authentic Sculptra online. We allow professionals to buy Sculptra wholesale so that they can more easily keep it in stock and it is packaged in a double vial to bring convenience to the user. In order to reduce physical aging signs, Sculptra makes use of a combination poly L-Lactic acid and hyaluronic acids. It is commonly reported as being able to reduce the signs of aging before permanent damage is dealt. For both single and repeat users, Sculptra shows high percentages of success. Though created in Europe in the late 90’s and manufactured by Sanofi Aventis, it has been highly successful in the United States, treating over a million cases there alone.

Uses of Sculptra

Sculptra differs from other common cosmetic fillers because it has to be reconstituted in sterilized water before being injected into the skin. Though Sculptra can be used throughout the body to reduce sigs of aging, it is typically used on the facial area. Sculptra helps fight the visibility of aging by working against weight depression in the skin. Since fine lines and wrinkles are often created through a reduction in collagen production, which create depressions in the skin, Sculptra is used to minimize the reduction of fat tissues and to fill in gaps. An additional use of Sculptra is the reduced visibility of scars on the skin.